How to Pay Off ALL of Your Debt Early so that You Can Enjoy Life Later

1 mile is a far walk…1 step makes it closer…Are you ready to take that step forward…no stopping…no backtracking. You dont want to be left behind. Just 2 years ago I was $90,000 in debt with credit cards, multiple car loans a boat loan and a $15,000 loan for a worthless Jacuzzi! I am glad to say that as of last month I paid it ALL off. I will tell you how I did it and how you can do it as well. As I look back on all the money I paid off, it seems as everything I bought my money with was worth cents on the dollar when I needed to sell it. Things things things…you can buy them but they will not give you the freedom you are looking for. They will only enslave you unless you can buy them with cash. Things will not bring happiness… but financial freedom just may. I’ve worked and lived in several countries…even 3rd world countries and always wondered why people were happy when they had very little. One factor was debt did not exist in these countries. People were financially free and did what they wanted. Someone who drove a car or had a house worked hard to get it, and they owned it. It’s sad that in America if every so called “homeowner” was to default on their home loans the country would collapse. Listen to me and take action so you are no longer a slave to the masters of money, but a master at saving and using your money wisely. I am going to teach you how to clear the smoke when you view yourself in the mirrors. And trust me…the new image you see of yourself will be unremarkable.
I cannot wait until 24 months. Why? Well, when I stand barefoot on my lawn it will feel different. This is because I will no longer owe the bank $160,000 dollars for a home I DONT OWN! Your not a homeowner until you hold the deed. Your merely renting the house from the bank, and theyve got you by the grip. But it can all change if your willing to change. I am living below my means… way below them and you can too. All you need to do is have a written goal and ask yourself one question every time you pull out your debit card, wallet, and or purse…ask yourself “Is this a want…or a REAL need.” Once you are able to make a distinguishment between the two you are on the right track. Another reason we spend money is because we believe this product or thing will bring us pleasure…well when you are able to endure the pain and overcome the pleasure you are able to start the process. I am going to outline a 10 step process to help you pay off debt with a goal…specific, time measured, realistic goal. Are you ready?

Reduce your spending! ( I stopped eating out, cut my cable, internet, TV, Air conditioning ) Get rid of your car loan, and drive a clunker or use public transportation! ( Use the would have money to pay off other bills principal. I sold my BMW Z4 and SUV for a cheap 1200 Nissan Sentra. It gets me where I need to go for less and my insurance dropped dramatically.) Can you live in a cheaper smaller place? If so MOVE! (I was single and did not need a 4 bed 2 bath house…I moved in with my parents.) Only buy necessities ( do you need all those fancy cleaners and the swiffer sweeper?, use an old rag alcohol or peroxide to mop, clean and disinfect as well as for deodorant ) Buy necessities at the thrift store (clothes, even shoes…but stay away from the underwear) grow your own vegetables and or fruits if possible (I ate tomatoes, beans ect..) Drink only water (you will also lose weight and become healthier) Work a part-time job (use 100% of this income to pay off debt principal) Have a garage sale (If you did not use it in the last year sell it! If you don’t NEED it SELL it!) DOI IT! (action is everything…the above 9 steps don’t matter unless you follow this one)


Most of you will not do this because the pain involved outweighs the pleasure of having these things. My only advice to you is in 1-2 years how would you feel if you were able to do all these things and be debt free? Like Dave Ramsey says…”live like no other…so later on you can live like no other”
Folks, you are conditioned to think you need everything on the list 1-9. I thought this way to. But if you are not willing to do these simple things then continue on with your debt for you will forever be a slave to society. If you have the self control and dedication to exercise and lose weight than you will have no problem exercising my ten step rule to loosing financial weight forever. Feel free to contact me with any questions and or support to help you on your journey. Good luck!
One last thing…all the above mentioned things im asking you to give up are wants and not needs. They are merely accesories, not necessities. Ive been to many countries and there are millions of happier people in life with nothing but their love and happiness for life and people. Because when were gone…that’s really all we can leave behind worth value. Think…and thank you for listening.

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