How to Prepare a Newsletter for Benefactors

Schools and universities usually have a scholarship and grants office that supervises and regulates the financial aid programs for the students. The benefactors could be organizations, corporate offices, or private individuals who all share in the vision of the school.

They subsidize tuition fees for deserving students. The donors could be from any state and so the only way to update them in a formal way is to send out direct mail newsletters. Newsletter mailing through a commercial printing company is easy to produce but it is a dignified way of informing your benefactors about the new happenings in the school as well as the achievements of their scholars. While there are institutions and people who do not really care after they have donated their money for they already trust the school to manage it well, there are those who like to receive updates about their scholars. They are proud to read about the special awards and attainments of the students whose education they are supporting. It will also be a good way for the students to let their donors know that they are wasting money but are studying hard in order to maintain good grades.

If you are tasked to prepare the newsletter for the scholarship office, here are some of the things that you should include:

1. Scholars who topped licensure exams – These scholars may have already graduated and on their way to becoming professionals, their exemplary achievements should still be made known to benefactors. It just goes to show that these graduates are deserving of their scholarships in the past and the donors would be proud of them.

2. Dean’s list students – Almost all scholars are on the dean’s list because they have to maintain high grades to keep their scholarship. Most of the time, the standards in order to maintain a scholarship is almost the same as the standards being set for those running for honors. That is why many scholars also end up in the Dean’s List and eventually graduate with honors.

3. List of graduating scholars and their honors – Benefactors would also want to know who among their scholars are graduating and who had earned honors.

4. Special citations – If any of the scholars received awards from other outside the school for their individual achievements, he or she should be featured in the newsletter. It could be a local or a national award, but as long as the scholar was recognized, that in itself is already newsworthy.

5. Community involvement – There are many scholars who are actively participating in socio-cultural events in the city or the school. They take part during elections as volunteers or they join those medical missions. Feature them in order to inspire others to do the same.

6. Leadership skills – Recognize those students with leadership skills, such as those who are officers of clubs. Their work, noteworthy programs, and their achievements should be given media mileage, even if it is only the scholar’s newsletter.

7. Financial report – Benefactors usually receive a copy of financial activities. It would also be good to post a summary of it in the newsletter so that the donors will know you are transparent with the disbursement of funds. That will also make people think well of the scholarship office because it has managed to pay out such a huge amount in scholarships. Newsletter mailing through commercial printing will update all your benefactors about the wonderful collection of information listed above. All you need to do is to collect all the necessary data about the involvements of your scholars and you can already produce your newsletters.

Kaye Z. Marks is an avid writer and follower of the developments in newsletter mailing technologies by a commercial printing company that help businesses in their marketing and advertising campaigns.

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