How to Prevent a Recurring Fungal Foot Infection

Fungal foot infections can be embarrassing and uncomfortable to cope with. Effective treatment methods will help ensure that the problem soon clears up. But what can you do to prevent a recurring fungal foot infection?

Follow the Doctor’s/Pharmacist’s Instructions

It is important to closely follow your doctor’s and/or pharmacist’s instructions so that you do not end up with a recurring fungal foot infection. When the doctor instructs you to apply a medicated cream for a specific length of time, follow those guidelines, even if it looks like the infection has cleared up sooner than expected. Stopping treatment too soon can cause the problem to return, which will mean it will take longer for the infection to completely clear up.

Practice Proper Personal Hygiene

Proper personal hygiene practices can help protect your feet from another fungal foot infection. Wash and carefully dry your feet each time after you take a bath or shower, paying particular attention to in between your toes, where trapped moisture can lead to re-infection. If you are sometimes lax in drying off properly, use a light dusting of talcum powder to absorb any excess moisture that you may have missed.

It is also worth remembering to change your socks each day and to give your feet plenty of opportunities to breathe by going sock-free in the evenings and while you are in bed. If you do need to wear socks in bed during the cold winter months, change into a clean pair of socks.

Protect Against Outside Infection

Those who have a fungal foot infection should do all they can to contain the infection and protect against outside infection by refraining from swimming in public swimming pools where others could become infected or by sharing towels. If you regularly go swimming, wear your own clean flip flops in the showers and take your own towel with you. Doing so will help protect you from others who may be infected.

A fungal foot infection can easily recur if you do not take appropriate measures to contain the problem and completely eradicate it. Start off by closely following your doctor’s and pharmacist’s instructions and continuing treatment until the fungal foot infection has completely gone. During treatment, do not neglect basic personal hygiene, which can help prevent a recurrence. Finally, protect against infection from outside sources while swimming by wearing flip flops in the showers and by not sharing towels.

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