How to Remove Snow Off Your Roof Without Shoveling

Snow, though it is seemingly light and fluffy, can cause a roof to collapse if it builds up in too great of quantity. If you’re experiencing heavy snow fall, it is important to remove the snow regularly in order to preserve the structural integrity of your house. Unfortunately, many people end up injured every year due to falling while attempting to shovel snow off their roofs. You can take help ensure that you stay safe this winter by using a snow rake instead of a snow shovel, which allows you to remove the snow without crawling on your roof and shoveling.

Step 1

Acquire a snow rake that is long enough to reach the mid-point of your roof from the ground. If you live in a tall house, you can purchase a rake with an extension handle, though you may have to use a ladder in order to access the roof even if you rake is extendable.

Step 2

Position yourself at the edge of the roof so that you are as close as possible without being under the eaves. Loosen your rake’s handle if it is extendable and extend it as far as is necessary to reach approximately the middle of your roof. Lift the rake onto the roof and begin pulling the snow towards the edge. As you pull the snow, walk backwards to avoid being hit with the falling deluge. If the rake feels like it is caught on a shingle, do not force it free; instead, use a ladder to climb on the roof and see what it is caught on, otherwise you may damage the roof.

Step 3

Continue the process detailed in Step 2 until the majority of the snow has been removed from the roof. A residual powdering of snow will be left on the shingles; this is normal.

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