How to Repair Cracks in a Fiberglass Tub

In general, fiberglass tubs are quite long lasting and durable and are extremely low on maintenance. However, they can sometimes develop cracks or may get damaged accidentally. The cracks may develop when there is some kind of mechanical strain. Over a period of time this crack will widen and then cause breakage. These cracks can easily be repaired at home with the help of fiberglass tub repair kits that are available in the market. They contain all necessary tools and materials for repair.

To carry out a fiberglass tub repair at home just follow this simple procedure and you can easily fix the crack on your own. Purchase a fiberglass repair kit from the market and ensure that it contains all the necessary materials for repair. Normally, the kit will contain a polyester resin, colorants, hardener, fiberglass mat or mesh (in case of bigger repairs), fine or coarse sand paper, thickener, stirring tool, mixing bowl, and protective gloves.

Before you begin the fiberglass tub repair, ensure that the surface is cleaned thoroughly. It must be free of dirt, oil, soap, grease, wax, as well as other deposits. First use sandpaper to rub the area clean and then clean with acetone. In case the crack is small you could simply fill it up with the resin. However, if the damage is bigger or if there is a hole, you may first use the fiberglass mesh or fiberglass cloth. Cut out the mesh after measuring the hole and ensure that it fits accurately.

Now, pour the resin into the mixing bowl and then add the colorant and mix until the resin turns opaque. Check the color matching after that. It should match the color of the tub. Once that is done, you may add the hardener. In case you wish to repair a vertical surface, it is better to add the thickener to prevent the mixture from dripping down. Ensure you follow the proportion mentioned on the fiberglass tub repair kit. Apply the mixture, allow it to harden and then sandpaper it.Then, apply the gel that comes in the kit, and let it remain overnight to dry.

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