How-to Save Big and Live Well in a Tough Economy

These days we are all looking for ways to cut costs while maintaining a good quality of life. Here are some ways to do that:

If you’re looking for a recreational vehicle, travel trailer, car or motorcycle you might want to consider a “repo” They really are the best kept secret of savvy buyers that is until now. You can often buy used vehicles for what is owed on the loan and anyone is eligible. You too can drive away with a bargain from a government auction or participating federal credit union.

Transfer your credit card balance to a card with a lower interest rate and make a note of when that deal ends so that you can transfer it again. As most of your payment is going to interest and not the principle you’ll save a lot.

When buying a big ticket item with 12 months no interest, aim to pay it off in 10. Because if you are even one day late you’ll have to pay all of that accumulated interest.

You can find great clothing and accessory deals at consignment stores as well as thrift stores and some retail stores will send you coupons and even $10.00 gift certificates for getting a store card and being a loyal customer.

Some store cards can have coupons loaded onto them through the internet, so that’s always worth a look.

Keep an eye on the advertising papers from supermarkets, they often have good deals and you can stock up on items that you need.

Coupons come with the advertising too although they are usually for restaurants and fast food chains, they’re great if you’re out and about and suddenly starving.

If your entertainment budget is low then Google free things to do in “your area” for a list of free attractions.

Martina McCullough

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