How to Save Money at Disneyland Park

Get Park Hopper passes. This pass allows you to enter both of the Disneyland Parks- Disneyland and California Adventure. There are many different types of Park Hopper passes that include multiple days. Of course the more days that you opt to buy, there better the discount will be. In the long run, Considering that the average one-day pass to Disneyland alone is around $60 for an adult, the Park Hopper may be an option to help you save money at Disneyland.

Buy food outside of the park. Because Disneyland park owners know that you’ll be hungry at some point while inside their park, they have not only taken the liberty of providing you with many dining options, but have also made sure to skyrocket the prices of the food they know you will buy.
The way to avoid these overpriced dining options is simply yo eat outside the park. Surrounding the Disneyland park grounds are a plethora of restaurants both fine dining as well as fast food. Best of all, they’re only a hop, skip, and a jump away from the park and much cheaper than the restaurants you’ll find in the park.

Bring Snacks with you. Disneyland permits backpacks inside the park. What better use of the backpacks you bring than to fill them with lots of snacks. Disneyland even provides a designated pick nick area with tables and chairs just outside the front gate of the park and welcomes its guests to eat there if they have brought their own food and snacks.

Stay at a hotel off-property. Although there are many hotels right on the Disneyland property, they are not inexpensive generally speaking. You’ll find a slew of cheap to moderately-priced motels and hotels just beyond the Disneyland property lines. Especially during the Disney off-peak season, people have even been known to find hotels as low as $40 a night. The Off-Season is generally characterized as being between March and May as well as any non-Holiday.

Look for coupons online. There are numerous websites that offer discounts to Disneyland. One of the best-known sites can be found at: They deal strictly with Disneyland and Disneyworld properties and are always offering different kinds of coupons for Disneyland park or even the merchandise.

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