How to Save Money on Gas

Gas prices have gone through the roof and are still on the rise. For many of us it is taking a toll on our pockets and we don’t want to even drive to work. This article will include my personal methods that were used to save money on gas. Take note that in our family we only have one car in which my wife and I have to share.

My wife would work a day job and myself a night job most of the time. She would use the car to go to work in the morning and I would use it at night. Her job is eight miles away and mine is twelve. We got tired of filling up on gas more than once a week. That’s when we started brainstorming on how we could save on gas.

Ride Sharing:
Basically if you live close to some of your co-workers it is easy to do this. My wife has a couple of co-workers that live nearby. Each week they alternate on who is driving to work. On the week you don’t have to drive your car to work you will have some extra cash in your pocket. You can work the details with your co-worker on how you want to do this. The method my wife and her co-workers use is only one of many that are available.

Public Transportation:
This can be cheap according to where you live. Where we live bus fare in only $1.25 one way with the ability to get a transfer ticket to another bus for free. I used this method on days when I knew I was going to get off work and the bus system was still running. The only downside to this is that our bus system is very slow and it takes forever to get where you want to go.

Ride A Bike To Work:
Personally I’m in decent shape and train to run marathons and half marathons. Riding my bike to work helped me with getting my cross training out of the way. In the process we were saving money on gas as well. If your job is about four miles away, don’t hesitate on riding your bike to work. You will be saving on gas money plus it will be a good chance for you to stay in shape. When I first started riding my bike to work, my co workers thought I was crazy. I lived twelve miles away from home so my round trip would be 24 miles every day that I would ride my bike. My co-workers have come around. I feel like I have started something good there. Each day there is another person that tells me they are riding to work the next day. I would advise for you to check the weather before you want to make the option of riding your bike to work. If you get out or go into work when it’s dark make sure you have lights for your bike. And always wear a helmet.

This is how my wife and I have been able to save some money on gas. Each week we at least have an extra $50 that can be used on something fun or just save. We have been doing this since January of 2010.

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