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We’ve All “Been There, Done That”

Anyone who has dipped a paint brush or roller and set to painting has been profoundly aware that there has to be an easier way. While it is fascinating to watch a professional painter apply layers of wet paint like so much flowing water, it only takes a few passes with the roller for the DIY painter to realize this is a labor intensive job. But why should you have to pay a professional when you have access to the tools that not only make the job enjoyable, but also easy as you learn how to spray paint .

The paint sprayer is nothing new to painting. There have been a variety of sprayers, such as compressed air sprayers, electric spray guns, and even airless paint sprayers. There are High Volume, Low Pressure (HVLP) guns and commercial grade systems. However, there is no need to become the next commercial grade painter to learn how to spray paint.

The Paint Zoom® System

The Paint Zoom® sprayer consists of a lightweight, durable reservoir system that utilizes a paint cup from which paint is suctioned out by compressed air. The paint then flows through the hose to the paint gun nozzle. This low-cost sprayer is intended for home improvement projects, such as painting, staining or spraying, and is the best sprayer for a multitude of projects due to its versatility.

The Paint Zoom® System is based on precise viscosity control, volume flow control, and spray geometry control all intended to achieve professional results without the professional cost factor. What is most impressive is how the Paint Zoom® team has managed to fully develop the potential of an air-compressed sprayer system to produce a very high-quality, professional paint job with low-cost ease of use. When painting is made so easy and cost is reduced so tremendously, it becomes something that nearly any homeowner can enjoy with immense satisfaction.

How to Spray Paint

While it may seem to be simple logic that a paint sprayer is a point and shoot device, it does take a little more planning than that. The Paint Zoom system comes with an informational video that will cover how to properly assemble the gun and motor units as it also explains what all the parts do. For instance, there is a Viscosity Cup that will allow for the paint to be thinned in order to reach the proper consistency for a given job.

Knowing how to spray paint also involves preparation. First, there is the area to be painted, and safety while working must also be considered. Preparing the paint is essential to optimal performance of the paint sprayer for the job to be done. The video is most helpful in clarifying the nozzle and stream adjustments that are used to control the method of applying the paint.

Home project enthusiast will find endless applications for the Paint Zoom® system, for instance, applying spray varnish to cabinetry or detailing the scroll work on those wooden chairs that are so bothersome to paint by hand. The online video tutorials are designed to educate the consumer to ensure quality results and safe operation. It is such a great feeling to complete a quality job and this sense of accomplishment leads to more and more projects that might otherwise have been ignored. There is the sense that any job can be tackled with this system once you follow the video instructions and learn how to spray paint.

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