How to Start a Successful Tangled Hair, Hair Braiding, Hair Extension and Dreadlock Removal Business

Hair braiding, hair extensions, hair weaving and dreadlocks have been hairstyle techniques used for more than 2000 years. After a period of time every extension or braid hairstyle must be removed. And if the hair style is tangled or matted a wise entreprenuer can detangle their way into wealth by providing a safe service.

Despite the fact that some individuals choose to wear their hair in these hairstyles for aesthetic reasons, others prefer the day-to-day ease of these styles that demands little maintenance. Hairdressers must not only be proficient in the application of hair extensions, weaving, braiding or dreadlocks; they must also be adept at the safe removal or detangling of these hairstyles.

With the increase and demand to wear these hair styles, an entrepreneur must consider a variety of factors when opening a hair braiding, hair extension, tangled hair and dreadlock removal salon business. With proper education and planning, this new venture can become a successful and profitable enterprise.

Business License

Register your business as a legal entity. Even if th e idea of running a business from home intrigues you-a hair braiding, hair extension, tangled hair and dreadlock removal business can be a profitable first home business. Research the tips for starting your own home business that will ease the path to opening your own company.

Contact your state’s board of cosmetology to see what are the requirements for a salon business. Removing and detangling hair extensions, braids, or dreadlocks is an art/technique, and the styles of removing braids range from invisible tree braids,box braids to micros and cornrows. The styles of removing hair extensions/weaves rangle from sew-in weaves, fusion keratin bonds, or hair bonding glue.

While it takes great patience to remove and detangle dreadlocks, matted hair or braided hair extensions, you can make money from your work as a professional. Albeit you must follow your state’s cosmetology guidelines. Such regulations are in place to educate hairstylists and ensure the safety of consumers. This will enable you to do many things to grow your venture into a success.

Although a large number of hairdressers do not know how to properly and safely remove these hairstyles because the information is not provided in standard Cosmetology curriculum’s. In some areas you will still need a cosmetology license. Get your business cards and website. This helps you to network professionally with other businesses. It gives you corporate identity and the ability to become the boss of your own business. Lease or buy a space or another option is to rent a space, often referred to as “booth rental,” at an established salon.

Get Training

An entrepreneur must obtain training in the technique of proper removal of hair braiding, hair extensions and dreadlocks before opening a removal salon business. There are a number of techniques that can be used to remove many of the styles that customers request.

Many salon owners employ hair extension specialists who can braid, weave or dreadlock hair, to do all these hairstyles which have become an integral part of salon services. However the truth is that the salon hires these specialists to perform braids, dreadlocks, weaves and extensions on clients fast, accurately and with imagination and creativity; but many of their clients are losing hair.

Weaving and braiding has now become a part of cosmetology training syllabus, for Caucasian and ethnic hairdressers. The manipulation of hair is a very creative skill, a technique. The Take Down Products Hair Education Program provides certified training of product knowledge and education on the proper removal of bonding glue, hair attachments, hair braiding, hair weaving/hair extensions, dreadlocks (real or artificial), fusion micro bonding, keratin bonds, and very tangled/matted hair.

In most instances, entrance to these programs requires that students be at least 18 years of age and possess a high school diploma or its equivalent. While graduates of some of these programs receive a certificate upon completion, other programs offer employment as well. A large number of hairdressers do not know how to properly and safely remove these hairstyles. The information is not provided in standard Cosmetology curriculum’s.

Groups like the Tangled Hair Techs offer training videos or seminars with intense hands-on training- using real models with tangled matted hair, old braids, bonding glue, hair extensions, dreadlocks(real or artificial), and hair weaving during the class training to demonstrate and teach removal techniques. They also provide seminars to Cosmetology Schools who are interested so that once their students complete their hairdressing/barbering courses, they are equipped as effective professionals in cosmetology

Prepare Your Plan

When you start a home business, your days quickly become complicated. Filling out business paperwork, creating a marketing plan, dealing with vendors and selling to clients all compete for your limited time. To reduce the chaos in something that seems complicated when you think of it can seem easy to deal with when you see it written out. This prepares your mindset for this new field or area of business for you. You have to look at all the possibilities before you decide to start in

Discuss With Friends & Family

A new business will cut into your personal life. It changes your home schedule and affects the rest of your family. Before you start pursuing a new business, sit down with your friends and family to discuss the changes that will occur. They will be of great assistance and support with ideas you never considered. But keep optimistic even if they don’t completely see your vision.

Patience to Practice

The great part about starting a hair braiding, hair extension and dreadlock removal business is that it doesn’t require a lot of capital to get started. Every clients hairstyle has to be removed someday!

However you must be prepared to spend time practicing your training. Now that you have the training, focus on becoming one of the best service providers in your area. Start with the with friends and family.

Setting Up Your Customer Base

An entrepreneur should use a variety of techniques to attract clients to a new hair styling business. Through traditional methods of advertisement, such as marketing a website with Google or Facebook, placing advertisements in local periodicals and distributing flyers throughout the community via social media, are very effective.

Entrepreneurs must network their way to success. Satisfied clients must be viewed as a reliable source for new customers. Their word of mouth can ultimately lead to referral business. Offer business cards to each client, open a promotional blog, set up social networking accounts, distribute news releases to local media outlets or submit photos of your work to be featured in hair styling and braiding magazines and websites.

Build a portfolio of all the styles you have removed-with before and after pictures. Create videos to show the clients while they wait. To create your initial portfolio, offer removal services to friends and family for free, or a reduced price.

Stocking Up Your Business With Resources

Every clients hairstyle has to be removed someday, and hopefully it will be by the same salon that created the hairstyle. On the word of Tangled Hair Techs “there may be price variations for different types of hair, but when it comes to braid, extension or dreadlock removal there is no expensive or cheap way to do it. Just the safe and correct way. And that’s what the love of hairdressing really is.”

There are many different methods of attaching individual extensions. Some use glue, some use a heat-activated fusion bond, others use tiny metal clips, and others require the extension to be attached to the real hair with a miniature cornrow or braid. Consequently whatever attachment method used, the salon and the staff should be proficient in doing it, and removing it.

Common Braid/ Extension Removal Errors
Chemically Relaxing tangled with knots or matted hair
Diluting the Take Down Remover Cream
Chemically Coloring or Relaxing the hair without completely removing hair glue (bonding or fusion)
Shampooing very tangled/matted hair
Rushing and pulling while removing braids/extensions around hairline
Using oil sheen and conditioner to remove bonding glue
Choosing the wrong removal technique for the client’s hair needs

Finally, as a new business owner you must respect each clients crown. If you hire hairdressers they must be educated on client maintenance while they are sitting in the styling chair, because the more likely the client will be to come back again. The client is pleased with their look and feels confident that you truly saved and cared for their hair.

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