How To: Still Feel like a Woman While in Uniform

Wearing a uniform everyday for work isn’t always the most flattering thing for a woman, but the love of the job or even the need for the income drives most women to do it. After so long of slipping your feet into those boots, your once beautiful and flawless feet become a distant memory. Or how about those hands that you swear used to be so soft? Well, ladies — I’ve got some remedies that’ll bring back some of your good ol’ days flare!

1) Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize! Feet- Before you put those socks and boots on, apply some moisturizing lotion to your feet. Pay close attention to the “rough spots”, i.e. the heels of your feet and your toes. By applying lotion to your feet before you put your socks and boots on, it gives your skin the opportunity to be well moisturized before you start your long day at work; this will also help prevent your skin from getting too dry, causing your feet, especially the heels, to start cracking and/or peeling. 2) Apply a Little Bit of Makeup! You don’t have to go overboard with your makeup to be sexy. According to, 70% of men find it sexiest when a woman limits the amount of makeup she has on her face! So go ahead, ladies! Dab on some clear lip gloss to make those lips look even more delicious and apply some simple mascara and eyeliner to make your beautiful eyes stand out. These simple basics won’t fail! 3) Use an Eyelash Curler! This simple tool is designed to make your eyelashes have a longer and more drastic appearance. Just hold down on your eyelashes for a few seconds, add that mascara and Vada Bing, Vada Boom! Introducing longer looking and sexier eyelashes! 4) Try a Different Hair Style! Wearing your hair the same way day in and day out can get old — quick. Not to mention that it doesn’t give your scalp room to breathe and can cause your scalp to become dry. If you’re always pulling your hair back into a bun, try a French braid for a change and Vice Versa. Switching your hair style every so often well help prevent you from feeling bored with the way you look. 5) Add a Little Drama to Your Hair! Highlights/Lowlights are great. You can be bold and add some highlights to your already beautiful hair. If you’re worried about that being a little too much, no problem! Just ask your hair stylist to find the perfect color for you and you can use lowlights! Either way, a new hair style is always a great solution to feeling like a woman again, in or out of your uniform. 6) Get that Manicure! Sometimes it just feels good to walk into a salon and let yourself be taken care of. Those hard working hands deserve a break. Even if you cannot wear nail polish while you are in uniform, go ahead a get your nails buffed; it’ll help get rid of those little bumps you feel on your nails when you run your finger tips over them and even better? They’ll come out looking shiny and natural! If you’re not near a salon or can’t afford the trip there, buy an inexpensive kit at places like Wal-Mart or Target and start buffing! 7) Don’t forget about the Pedi! Those poor feet are probably begging to be pampered! Get to that Salon and pamper away. Don’t forget to get those toe nails painted. Why not? And don’t forget — you can buy an inexpensive kit to do everything yourself as well! 8) Shave those legs! You may be in uniform and nobody will see those legs, but you’ll feel so much better once you do it — and stick to it. Don’t just make it an “every now and then” thing. A lady is a lady, in or out of uniform. 9) Work Out! Working out relieves the stress from your work day and helps to keep you in a good mood and good health. Start a work out plan that works for you. If it doesn’t work for you, the work out will never stick. Once you start, you will find that you’ll feel more confident, you’ll feel healthier and you’ll even be less stressed. What’s not to love about that? 10) Eat Healthy! You can bring things to work such as tuna wraps or chicken wraps/salads. As a side? Try bringing a cut up fruit, cottage cheese or those cute 100 calorie snack bags. It’s simple, inexpensive and quick to pack for the next day. You’re body will feel refreshed and more confident in no time!

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