How to Stop a Panic Attack when You’re in Public

As if having a panic attack weren’t hard enough, dealing with a panic attack in public is even more nerve wracking. Here are some tips for managing that panic attack in public.

Controlled Breathing

You’re in a crowd and suddenly you feel it, that horrible panicked feeling that you get when you’re having a panic attack. What can you do? Remove yourself form the crowd and find a quiet place. It can be a bathroom, a corner whatever you can find. Just go there and have a seat. Take several deep breaths counting to six as you inhale and counting to 6 as you exhale.


After you’ve done the deep breathing above you may feel the need to burn off some of the excess energy you have from the panic attack. Try taking a bit of a walk and getting rid of that energy. A short brisk walk will often refresh you. If you can take the walk out side all the better.


If you’re unable to remove yourself from the crowd find a focal point and while focusing on the focal point use the deep breathing technique. If you’re with friends let them know you’re having a panic attack and ask them to help make some space for you. They can stand a few steps away from you and act as a buffer to the crowd. As soon as possible remove yourself from the situation that caused the panic attack.


Always have a plan. If you’re one of the millions of people that suffer from panic attacks don’t let it rule you. Have a plan in place before your panic attack happens and be prepared to use it if need be. Don’t let the panic ruin your life. Simply utilize your plan and continue on.

Hum or Sing

Try humming or singing a tune that calms you. It might remind you of a special fun time or it might simply be a calm tune that helps you to focus.


Visualize yourself in a calm situation where you’re not having a panic attack. This can be done with the breathing technique, the focal point or while taking a walk.

Sip Water

Sip some water. Often a panic attack is your body’s way of saying it needs something such as food or water. Start with the water. For some people cold water will stop a panic attack while others swear by hot water. Try it and see if one of them will work for you.

Call a Friend and Chat

Call a good friend that knows about your panic attacks and tell them what’s going on and ask them to help talk you through it. If your friend knows you well they’ll be able to stop your attack and have a good conversation with you.

While a panic attack in public can be embarrassing it’s very manageable. Following one or all of these tips will help you to stop your panic attack in public and get on with living.

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