How to Succeed

People perceive success in many ways. If you are an employee, success may mean the promotion you have been working so hard for. If you are a businessman, it may mean a million-worth of bank account. If you are someone seeking for a lifetime partner, success may be finding that ideal husband or wife and starting a family. Yes, you may still have other ideas to add up to these definitions, but all kinds of success can be achieved using the same key-the right mindset. Here are things you can say to yourself to exercise success mindset.

Say “I can”, not “I can’t”

There are tasks which you may find difficult or impossible to do. You may be tasked to introduce a new product in the market. In a different light, you may have that desire to offer a marriage proposal. Both ideas may seem to be nerve-wrecking, so nerve-wrecking that you could simply say, “I can’t”. Saying this is already a step away from success because you fail to recognize that there is no such thing as “I can’t”. Success doesn’t have anything to do with one’s intellect or ability. Exercise success mindset by saying, “I can.” You can learn anything as long you have the will to do so.

Say “I’ll do it”, not “I’ll try”

You often hear yourself saying, “I’ll try” when presented a task. Perhaps you say this when you are asked to close a business deal or told to be a good husband/wife. Trying is not enough to succeed. This is because when you try it means that you’re not really giving and doing anything and everything to succeed. By just trying, you allow yourself to be affected by other things like insecurity or temptation, which may cause your inability to complete the task. Exercise your success mindset by saying, “I’ll do it”. By doing, you make that vow that you will do a task and achieve success in the long run, whatever it takes.

Say, “I’ll do it NOW”

So it is set, you can and will do anything, but when? You won’t really hear successful people say, “I’ll do it tomorrow.” Procrastination could be another hindrance to your success. Exercise success mindset by saying, “I’ll do it now.” Remember that your promptness in doing things is a determinant of success. For example, the earlier you start that dieting scheme, the faster you’ll get your desired weight. If you submit your paper before the deadline, it means a point on your performance. The time you spend should equate to the quantity and quality of things you have done to succeed.

Achieving success is a matter of habit forming. Persistence and consistency are important factors for you to get that bank account, your lifetime partner, or your desired family life. You must remember though, that it is not enough to just know what things to say. You must keep these words to your heart so you could climb the ladder of success.

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