How to Turn a White Carnation Blue

White carnations are beautiful stand alone flowers but you can jazz them up in color shades that they aren’t naturally found in nature. By changing their color to whatever shade you would like them you can match them to color schemes in individual rooms. You can match shades to give to friends and family in their favorite colors or choose a color that is an uplifting shade such as yellow to give to someone who’s been sick so that it will brighten their spirits like a ray of sunshine.

You can actually perform the shade changing trick with any white living flower. You may be able to change the natural colors of flowers in red, pink, yellow etc. but the color that you add to change the existing natural color of the flower may morph into a new color just like mixing colors to get new shades.

Cut flowers need water to live for awhile and this is what is used to your advantage. First get a fresh cut white carnation or several if you are going to make a bouquet. Drop enough drops of blue food coloring in a vase of water to turn the water blue. Be sure to stir the water to fully incorporate the food coloring. Adjust the shade of blue by adding or using less drops of food coloring. Start with a drop or two and if the water is a light blue but you want more of a dark blue add more drops of blue food coloring until you get the desired result. The blue water is the water that you will be putting the white carnations in.

As the carnations drink the water they will start turning blue. The blue water will dye them from the inside out. This neat little trick may be how florists actually dye their flowers.

You can dye white carnations other colors such as green or yellow. Mix and match drops of food coloring using the color chart on the box to make still more colors to dye carnations.

White daisies are other popular attractive flowers that can be dyed different colors with food coloring. Think of how beautiful blue carnations and blue daisies would be or maybe you’d prefer a bouquet of blue roses. You could dye flowers to match the holidays such as green carnations for St. Patrick’s Day or orange for Halloween. If you have a specific theme for a Birthday party match your flowers to that event. Dye flowers to represent the colors of your favorite football team for the big football game party that you are throwing. Rivals of your favorite team may not be happy with your display of team spirit.

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