How to Turn Up the Heat on Valentines Day

Rose petals on the bed look great and are very romantic however nobody tells you that they stain your sheets and you have to have to clean them up afterwards. A better option is to leave a trail of rose petals leading to a candle lit dinner, bubble bath or bedroom with scented candles and massage oil. If you are doing this for your lady it’s always nice to be waiting with a single red rose or if you’re feeling extravagant a whole bouquet. Make sure that the scent is one that you both like. If you have a cat like I did at the time, you may want to put them in a room for a while, my trail started out looking really good but the spaces had to be widened as my cat kept eating the petals.

If your partner has had a tiring work week, why not surprise them at the door with some balloons, take care of dinner if you don’t usually and leave a love note in the bedroom where they’ll find it when they get changed.

Another nice thing that is inexpensive is to put a note into their lunch bag or pocket once in a while letting them know that you are missing them, how much you love them, how attractive you find them, how much you appreciate them or something a little more personal. I like to make lunch for my husband and every now and then I cut a red napkin into a heart shape. You can send a flower to work or if your partner is a home maker send flowers there.

Go on a day date as well as having date nights and do something that your partner has always wanted to do like dancing or indoor wall climbing.

A little effort goes a long way and showing that you care doesn’t have to be expensive.

Martina McCullough

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