How to Use Decorative Ceramics to Hide the Kitty Litter Box

No one likes to look at a litter box in any room of the house. So, if you had a decorative way to hide it, you’d probably be quite happy, right? It’s time for cat-lovers to rejoice. There is a way you can show off a beautiful piece of ceramics and hide the cat’s litter box at the same time and it’s as easy as 1-2-3.

Step 1 – Look for the Perfect Vessel

Now this may sound just a little bit unconventional, but it’s a creative idea that anyone can work with. However, be forewarned – you’ll have to go on the prowl for perfect size ceramic bowl. Here’s what you’ll need.

Find a large ceramic vessel – like a decorative bowl or a pot for a plant that measures about 18-inches-wide and 6 to 8-inches-tall. Pick one that fits the decor and color palette of your room; then seal the interior of your vessel to make it watertight. That includes plugging a drain hole if you’re using a pot made for plants. Once your vessel it watertight, it will be easy to clean and you’ll be ready to locate the next piece for your project.

Step 2 – Look for the Perfect Side Table

Your next mission is to find a simple, four-legged side table that measures about 24-inches-wide with a table top that sits about 12 to 14 inches above the height of your ceramic container. That’s wide enough to slightly overhang the container and high enough to let kitty hop in and out.

If you can’t find a table with the right dimensions to fit your container, build your own or have a friend build one for you. It’s as easy as taking a trip to your local home improvement store. Buy a piece of wood for the table top, cut it to the desired size and screw in four ready-made wooden legs from the millworks section. It’s that simple. Paint it or stain it in your favorite color and you’re almost done with your project.

Step 3 – Set It Up, Decorate It and Layer In the Litter

Once you’ve located a perfectly paired ceramic vessel and side table, it’s time to set up your kitty’s lavatory right in plain sight. Add kitty litter to your vessel, set the side table over it to cover the litter-filled container. Then put a lightweight silk fern in a wicker basket on top of the table to distract people from looking too closely at the purpose of the unit. The combination will be so stylish that even with a 3-inch layer of kitty litter in it, your guests will never know it’s a litter box.

With a little creativity, the will to shop and a lightweight silk plant, you can hide a litter box in any room in your house.

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