How to Wear Colored or Patterned Tights

Colored or patterned tights — ranging from muted browns to bright reds, and including basic patterns like fishnets and diamonds as well as multicolored designs — are incredibly trendy right now. Incorporating them into your daily wardrobe, however, can prove tricky. But trendy tights don’t have to look ridiculous or leave you feeling like a fashion victim. Here’s how to wear them:

Complement Your Outfit
Colored tights look best when the colors complement your outfit or match one of your accessories. Choose tights that are on the opposite end of the color wheel from your dress or skirt. Yellow looks great with purple; green looks fabulous with red, and blue complements oranges and yellows. Consider matching your tights to your belt or your handbag for a pulled together look. If you’re wearing a multi-colored outfit, match your tights to the color closest to your face. This creates a sense of proportion and balance.

Choose the Right Shoes
Colored tights should complement your shoes as much as they complement your clothing. Choose shoes in either complementary colors or black. If you’re wearing a monochromatic dress or outfit, try matching your shoes to your clothing and wearing tights in a color that complements both. Open-toed shoes and sandals generally look strange with colored tights. While runway models might be able to get away with the look, it leaves the rest of us looking like fashion victims.

Consider Your Body Type
Patterned tights tend to add bulk, so they look best on people with thin, long legs. This does not, however, mean that patterned tights are off limits for the plus-sized. Choose tights with patterns that run vertically instead of horizontally. Understated patterns such as a single line of flowers or a backseam on the back of your tights are perfect for people with short or heavy legs. Short skirts and high heels can also elongate your frame in patterns.

Don’t Overaccessorize
Patterned tights are a bold statement. Think of them as accessories for your legs and avoid wearing too many pieces of jewelry on the rest of your body. Try small, vintage-inspired rhinestone or cluster earrings instead of large drop earrings. Skip big statement necklaces and try elegant charm necklaces instead.

Patterned tights are the perfect statement piece for cool winter months, and can jazz up an otherwise boring outfit. Choose the right color and pattern for your body and your fashion sense will be the envy of all who see you.

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