How to Write Your Wedding Vows:

One of the most important things to remember about wedding vows is the fact that you’re making a promise to your significant other. It’s much easier to write your vows if you understand that the vows are spelling out the promise itself.

First and foremost, remembering that you’re promising yourself, be specific and meaningful. You could start with names or even the place you first met…for example:

1. I, Christine Sanders/insert name here…
2. John/insert name here…
3. When we met…

Now depending on where you want to go with this, and it is very important that you realize what exactly you want to say, you can continue with how your SO makes you feel, why you’ve decided to be wed, what you were without them, what you are with them, or any other variant of history that is significant between the two of you… (make sure you’re honest about where you were in life mentally and physically)…if you’re traditional, you could also go directly into the promise.

1. …promise to have and to hold…
2. …was the man who found me when I had lost almost all hope of love…
3. …I saw my future in her eyes.

The part you see above is basically the story part of the vows. Where, when, how, what, and why you’re getting married. With that part said, the next part is the promise itself (or more promise if you started with number 1.) You can add gratefulness and appreciation here. (i.e. I’m so glad you found me!!)

1. …John/insert name here, until forever ends…
2. …So I stand here today, to give my hand away, to the man who gave me hope.
3. …Now my life is complete, and it always will be, with her here beside me.

Usually at this point you’ll kiss and walk down the aisle together. If you were to use these vows they would be very short, but knowing what you do now, you should be able to write your own vows by using these steps. I’ll write one out for you now:

“John was the man who found me when I had lost almost all hope of love. I was working in a Safeway when he appeared…we got to talking and to cut a long story short, I found my safe-way… So I stand here today, to give my hand away, to the man who gave me hope. I’ll always be by your side, I love you.”

This approach makes for an extremely genuine set of vows, because no matter how many steps you follow in the process, no one can change or match how you met or why you care for each other. Tell each other why, how, and what now: that’s really the secret to writing your wedding vows.

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