How Writers Incorporate Movement into Their Hectic Lifestyles

After a gamer recently died from a pulmonary embolism caused by his sedentary lifestyle, writers began to think about their own health risks from their jobs. We find ourselves sitting at desks and computers for hours on end. Some of us are even massive workaholics, working around around the clock to meet deadlines and to make money. Research and writing creates a vortex of time. We need to push ourselves to get up and get moving.

Some writers have no problem moving around while working as they are at the beck and call of spouses and families. Constant demands require that they frequently get up to take care of some household need. Dogs need to be walked and cats beg for attention. Many of these people feel that they are not at risk for health complications. Others may have fewer interruptions.

Movement throughout the work day needs to be scheduled. Some may use an alarm to help them remember to get up or purposely schedule it on their planner. Here are some suggestions from fellow writers as to how they incorporate more movement and exercise into their hectic lifestyles.

” I find any excuse to get up, and away from the computer! Tending our garden, going to the beach, horseback riding, and calling it research for my next article!! I also have a nightly exercise routine, after the laptop is closed!” – Cheri Majors

“My advice is that writers find some sort of athletic hobby. For example, as a dancer, I get great exercise and an interesting topic to write about on YCN.” – Stephanie Gustafson

” I find my feet swell when I sit too long at the computer doing my articles and researching. I need to get up at least every hour to rest my eyes and stretch my arms and legs!” – Monica Lehua

” I am a severe fidget and can barely get through an article without going to get a drink or a snack! I also use my Wii Fit to keep me moving in between articles.” – Kyra Lennon

“I’m a writer and a gamer so I get it double. I stop every hour on the hour to walk around, go up and down my stairs, do chores, etc. 3 times a day I take walks (about 2 miles each) and I do yoga at least 4 days a week. I also play interactive games on the Wii with my family. I try to find hobbies outside of writing and gaming regularly as well. For example, I am a youth coach so each season we have a different sport going and it keeps me active running around with the kids.” – Lisa Mason

” We do face the same risk. It is important to get up and move around. Even just walking through the house for a few minutes every hour or two is sufficient or jog in place.” – R. Elizabeth C. Kitchen

” I try to take little walks, even if it’s just to walk the dog, throughout the day.” – Jody Morse

” I constantly have one or both of my feet tucked up under me. The only solution I’ve come up with is to sit on a stability ball instead of a chair. But, that’s because I don’t get up and move around very often. But, I can honestly say that the stability ball also helps me to strengthen my core too. And yes, I should use it more often.” – Kathy Foust

“Play active and engaging games like Wii Fit! Gamers can also explore different types of games like LARP (live action role play) which require action and movement.” – Tara M. Clapper

“Hiking! Any time I’m not engaged in writing I am in nature hiking (or in town walking) it’s great exercise, beautiful scenery, and the energy of nature is extremely refreshing.” – Alyssa Murray

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