Howard Menger and the Venusians

Howard Menger was born February 17, 1922 and died on February 25, 2009. Howard was famous for his many visitations with extraterrestrials throughout his life beginning when he was at the age of 10. It was the lifelong communication with aliens that led Howard to write such books as “From Outer Space to You” and “The High Bridge Incident.” It is in these books that Howard explains in vivid detail his experience with meeting extraterrestrials. His communication with aliens was consistent during the 1950’s which led to a famous photograph that belonged to Augie Roberts. The photo was taken during an outdoor UFO press conference that Howard was hosting. The photograph showed three individuals, all of perfect stature and physique, the individuals were identified by Dr. Frank Stranges as being visitors from another planet. These visitors were theorized to have come from the planet Venus where they lived beneath the surface. The individuals in the photograph were named Jill, Donn, and Valiant Thor.

These three extraterrestrials landed in Virginia in 1957 were they were escorted by police to meet with the Secretary of Defense of the United States. It was also claimed that these three individuals (primarily Valiant Thor) also met with President Dwight D. Eisenhower to speak about issues concerning war, poverty, and economics. They were also rumored to be housed in the Pentagon until their departure in 1960.

Howard Menger was one of the most charismatic UFO fanatics that could easily gather a crowd and mesmerize them with the information that had been bestowed upon him by the visitors. His speeches focused on what the aliens had taught him about free energy and space travel. He also mentioned that from time to time he would get an opportunity to ride with the aliens in their space ship and that he had traveled to the dark side of the moon and back. He spoke about how the aliens wanted peace and were here to see the advancement of the human civilization. The aliens had also mentioned to Howard that in due time they would reveal themselves to the general public.

Howard Menger is one of few people in the world who have shared their experiences about their direct communications with a higher form of intelligent species. Howard Menger was always able to prove his stories by inventing small devices that could sustain free energy. Howard even invented his own space craft based primarily from the technology and knowledge that the extraterrestrials had shared with him. His personal spacecraft would have been a success if it had not crash landed 150 miles away from his home, where he was found and escorted by police and the secret service.


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