Hurricane Irene: Too Much Talk? Not Enough?

In the days prior to Hurricane Irene, we were told how big the storm was and the potential danger for all in her path. Since she was the first major hurricane of the season, it was something everyone talked about. Are you evacuating? Are you staying? Do you have enough supplies? What if you lose your home? If you live somewhere along the coast you heard those questions and many others.

The news teams were in place and the action started. Irene may not have been to your liking, but she was a major player. There are 40 deaths attributed to Irene, so if you think Irene was all talk, you’re dead wrong. Just ask the family and friends of those 40 people how bad of a storm Irene was.

While wasting some time on Sunday, I read many Facebook posts regarding how people dealt with Irene and what they thought about the storm. One comment that sticks out was, “it was boring”. If you are expecting a major storm that will dish out major damage and all you got was ‘boring’, you should be thankful. Just ask the people along the Outer Banks who can’t even get to their homes because the road is gone. Or ask the people in North Jersey whose homes are flooded. What about those in Vermont who never in a million years would have thought a hurricane would hit that state with as much power as Irene. What about the 5 million still without power?

So to those who say there was too much hype, maybe the next storm won’t be as bad, but maybe it will be worse. Do you want to be warned in order that your life could be saved? If you don’t, then turn off the TV, the computer and the radio and go about your life as if nothing is wrong.

If Irene didn’t produce enough action to make you feel like you were on a thrill ride at the Jersey Shore, then ask the folks along that shore how they felt when Irene pounced on Bay Head or Atlantic City. Ask the people that own shops and stores along Ocean City, Maryland’s boardwalk what Irene did to their businesses and their lives? Ask the people in North Jersey whose homes are underwater and will be for days. Ask the Red Cross how much help people need.

Again, if you don’t care, that’s your decision. Most of us don’t have a death wish, so we will play by the rules and evacuate when told to do so. And this doesn’t just take into consideration a hurricane. If you are told to leave due to a forest fire, an earthquake or a tornado, then do it. This isn’t a dress rehearsal; this is life and you only get once shot at it.


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