Lawyers Converge on Cornfield

UPDATES: Not only is the Whiteside County Sheriff’s Department on the case, as noted here, but so is OHSA, and now a Sterling lawyer, will look into the ever-expanding case concerning two deaths in a cornfield. The attorney is Jim Mertes. OSHA retuns to the scene, too. A lawsuit was filed filed by one of the victim’s father. Key questions: do (did) the kids sign a waiver to work in field? In other words, in case of accident of this type. Could lightning strike days before still cause the deaths? Should kids have been allowed to work at all on this day as rains swept through the area that weekend and ponds in fields all over?
The list of those involved now:
Lawyers for…
– Monsanto
– Commonwealth Edison
– the victim’s families
– the land owners
– farmer who leased it
What happend today?
– motor was taken and turned over for evidence. Why so late for that?
– that motor was replaced with diesel variety.

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