Must See Video – the Colbert Report 11/9/11

If you missed The Colbert Report TV 11/09/11 episode with Colbert’s take on Herman Cain’s sexual harassment scandle, the recap video, is one you just don’t want to forgo, Political humor at it’s very best, promise!

Colbert’s opening statement “The sex harassment allegations keep coming at Herman Cain, like an uninvited hand up a pleated skirt” set the tone and mood from the onstart!

Colbert continues his segment with quotes by Cain at a recent press release on related charges:

Cain: “A business man by the name of Herman Cain stepped forward thats one thing about Herman Cain that I think a lot of the American people know about Herman Cain or some people don’t want to see Herman Cain get the republican nomination and some people don’t want Herman Cain to become president. I can’t tell you what that motivation is other than is to stop Herman Cain”.

A short pause follows Colbert’s analysis on Cain’s speech, all done with good humor!

Colbert: “And even if these charges are proven true that Herman Cain did sexually harass those women, how do we know it is this Herman Cain? Evidently there is another Herman Cain out there that this one keeps talking about.”

Colbert talks about the people who are trying to stop Cain from promoting his 999 plan, building an electric fence that kills Mexicans and his great jobs plan (reference to Sharon Bialek’s recent press release).
Sharon Bialek alleges Cain had offered to give her a job in his company if she first gave him a ‘job’ (so to speak), in his front car seat. Once again, all done with immaculate jest!


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