Not So, Fiesta Bowl

I went to the 35th annual Fiesta Bowl. And if you knew me you, you would say, “What?” Football, for me was always a good chance to nap or get things done. In December of 2005, my husband went to an auction for charity and came home, to announce, with great enthusiasm, we would be flying to Arizona and the Sun Devil’s stadium, for a January 2nd game. It would be the Ohio Buckeyes verses Notre Dame, Fighting Irish. Let’s just get the stats out of the way for the people actually reading this to hear about the game. There were 76, 196 people that went ( we were 2 of those) , it was the largest crowd ever, for a non-championship game. Sportsmanship Award: Brady Quinn, Notre Dame, Head Coaches: Jim Tressel, Ohio State – Charlie Weis, Notre Dame. Defensive Player of the Game: A.J. Hawk, Ohio State. OSU’s player Pittman was 21-136, Ginn was 2-73 and Troy Smith was 13-66. Notre Dame’s players Darius Walker 16-90, Schwapp 2-4 and Brady Quinn 10-(-32).

There were records set and awards given. I will not even pretend to know what those numbers mean…Now to the story. I went with the utmost intention of participating in something my husband was excited about and I wanted to be supportive, it was also a chance to get away for a few days in Arizona, in December. When you live in Colorado most states are warmer. So, I was game. We flew out on the 1st …Happy New Year. It was a really nice hotel and we had a really nice dinner, until I started to feel, well, not so great. I thought at first it was food poisoning, but, the next morning, not so great. I put on my “game face” and headed out. The streets were lined with people. They were, selling souvenirs for both sides, yelling, screaming, and doing what? There were a lot of drunken enthusiastic people, I remember thinking what time is it? Or, its 5 o’lock somewhere , right? I guess my game face was not as good as I thought it was, because somewhere, before we got to the stadium, my husband gave me the “out”. “Are you ok?” I am fine”, I replied…liar liar. Oh, to go back, to take it all back. I was thinking at the time that if we got to our seats and I sat with a Sprite, I would be ok. We arrived at our seats, but there was no sitting. There was barley room for standing. I wanted to know what these people were thinking. They had paid, really good money, for a seat, but, no one was sitting. There were so many people. After what seemed like endless hours, and not really being able to see the game, I told my husband I was just going to go out into the corridor for some air. The corridor was the wrong place for air. When college guys are drunk, hide your yourself. I am not too bad looking, but, I am sure with these guys, it did not really matter what I looked like. I worked in a prison and have been frisked less! I moved into a more open area and breathed a heavy sigh. Then I saw him, my Knight, my sweet husband. He asked if I was ok , and all I could do was cry. I was so sick and all I wanted was a bed. A hotel bed, my own bed, a car seat..anything. I left with the sounds of young men screaming from an upper balcony,…interesting things they wanted to do with me and my body parts. The story would not be complete, if I did not mention what my husband wanted to do with the young, drunken youth and their body parts as he heard what they said. I am married to a very mature man, since he refrained from taking action. Will it really surprise anyone that we have not been to a college game since? Football is still a something both my husband and sons love to watch, but distance does have its merits. Watching the clash of the titans from the comfort and security of your own home, is really nice.

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