The future can be very unpredictable which invariably means that we cannot at any point in time, know what will happen to us at any time beyond the present. However, by being conscious of the events around us it has been quite possible to make deductions about what the future will most likely hold by the use of many mediums of foretelling the future. One of such way is Numerology which is a way of finding out more about the destiny that people hold and what the future most likely holds for them by making use of calculation based on numbers from the important days in a person’s life.

Numerology is of the belief that every important day in the life of a person such as the day of birth, among other important dates hold significant clue and information about the events that shape and surrounds ones destiny as well as insight into what the future holds. The discipline also believes that all the letters of the alphabet in the name of the person, either the first, middle or last name correlates to a number in the ancient mystics and that an understanding of the meaning of the numbers through the use of numerological calculations could give an insight into what the person should generally expect from life.

To the layman, calculations in Numerology could be seen as something that would involve a lot of complex mathematical equations and that will be hard to make an attempt at understanding how it works. However, this stand is purely impressionistic and the argument does not carry much weight. The actual fact is that most of the basic numerological calculations involve simple mathematics such as learned in the earliest day of education. In fact all the basic numerological calculation needs is knowledge of how to carry out simple additions. However, divining some other issues may involve complex mathematical equation that may be beyond the grasp of the layman, such calculations are basically reserved for the higher levels of numerological calculations and should not be seen as the essence of the divinations.

Finally, Numerology is not a means of foretelling the future that is reserved for a select few or that requires any intense or mysterious religious practices. You do not have to go through any rituals before you can perform any numerological calculation, thus it is something that you can do for yourself to know the path towards which your life is heading. All that you need to make divinations for yourself, is an understanding of the cardinal numbers in numerological calculations, how the cardinal numbers are derived and the meaning of each of the cardinal numbers, and more importantly how they apply to the life of the person for whom you are divining and you are on your way to becoming a numerologist.

Rachel Saxon writes for the psychic & metaphysical industry and offers fact based unbiased advice and overviews.

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