Oatmeal Mask Recipe

My face had been acting up lately. I was breaking out like crazy and wanted to get the problem fixed quickly. I actually knew why I was breaking out. I had started taking biotin (this is good for hair, skin and nails) which causes you to break out while it cleanse your body. Because I am a product junky and because I do my research before using products, I was expecting this to happen. However, I didn’t expect it to last this long and to be as bad as it was. Anyways, so when I have a problem, I kind of go crazy and start trying everything (I slightly think I’m a scientist). I actually used something last night that worked. I used Advance White toothpaste which has baking soda and peroxide with pure tea-tree oil. But, I had promised my best friend that I would try using oatmeal in the morning since it’s something she herself uses and swears by.

So let’s get to the reason why you are here! There are many different versions of the oatmeal mask and honestly, you really just need the oatmeal so you don’t have to add the extra ingredients if you don’t want to. However, since we’re attempting miracles here, I suggest that you use them.


Oatmeal– I used the basic whole grain oatmeal but any oatmeal is good. In fact, you may prefer to use quick oats because it will dissolve better.

Vanilla Extract– The alcohol in the extract helps to dry out pimples

Vitamin E Oil– Lightens scars and acne marks, moisturize skin, Unclog pores

Tea Tree Oil– Kills acne bacteria

Coconut Oil– Repairs damaged skin tissues, kills acne bacteria

Olive oil
– Moisturize skin

Honey– Treats acne, moisturize, fades discoloration

Vitamin D Milk– Vitamin D improves the texture of the skin. You can use water instead of milk.


You do not need a certain measurement. Do not use too much of the oils and vanilla extract. Just a few drops will be good enough. You can use a larger amount of honey. Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl then microwave it until it is soften enough to apply. I microwaved mines for about 4 mins. You could also choose to boil the milk (or water if you prefer to use that) and then add the other ingredients to it. You can choose to leave out any ingredients you don’t think you need.

Once the mixture is well mixed and dissolved, let it rest for a while. You do not want to burn your face so make sure it’s only slightly warm before applying. You will need to lay down on a flat surface so that you can apply it to your face. Oatmeal doesn’t bond well so it may get messy. You will need to apply it slowly. Leave it on your face for 15 minutes then remove the pieces and put it back in the bowl to throw away.


Since I’ve only recently tried this myself, I can’t testify to how great it is yet. Everyone that I know that have used an oatmeal mask has sang its praises so we’re just going to have to trust their experiences and hope it works for us. Good luck and I wish you all beautiful, acne free faces!

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