One Dark and Spooky Halloween Night: A Halloween Poem

One dark and spooky Halloween night.

I got such a frightful fright.

The wind was howling.

Vampires and ghosts were prowling.

The rain was pouring.

I could tell this evening would not be boring.

Few trick or treaters dared to brave the storm.

I gave candy to maybe five, no more.

By ten, all was silent.

So very eerily quiet.

I picked out a good book.

At the first page, I had just gotten a good look.

Then, I heard the strangest sound.

It almost sounded like wicked mice dancing all around.

A scritching, scuttling scratch.

This noise just had to be bad.

A sign of more evil things to come.

I debated on breaking out the holiday rum.

Before I even made it to the bottle.

A shrieking came, most loud and so awful.

The thunder boomed.

The lights went out, leaving me in the gloom.

Staring, startled and afraid.

This is the scary stuff of nightmares made.

The only light left in the room.

It came from the yellow Halloween moon.

Shining through the open window.

Where did that candle go?

I was in a hunt for more light.

I was so unprepared for this very dark night.

I heard glass breaking in the kitchen.

I froze in shock and listened.

A loud yowl came.

Was I going insane?

Then, a thunderous thump.

I admit, skyward, I did jump.

Shaking and shivering, I crept down the long hall.

A careless shoe left there, over it, I did fall.

I hit the floor hard and screamed.

Then, I got up and I was steamed.

This was not funny, I must conquer this fear.

I went back to the kitchen and asked “Who is here?”

Nothing at first, then I heard a ferocious hiss.

Sheer terror wrapped me in it’s strong grip.

I closed my eyes.

Then, suddenly, on came the lights.

I heard a crack.

I was staring at the cat.

I had forgotten about him, silly me.

Happy Halloween!







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