One Football Fan’s Dream for Maximum Drama

It is too early. Yes, it is way too early to think about such things, but humor me. Which post-season matchups would generate the most drama at the conclusion of this great 2011 NFL season? Here are the games I would most like to see along with a bit of back story.

My Dream NFC Championship matchup, Green Bay vs. Chicago

As a lifelong fan of the Packers, I of course, am assuming the beloved Pack will remain the number one seed in the NFC. How cool would it be if the NFC Championship game becomes a rematch of last year’s contest? If the Bears can win four more games and Cutler gets over his busted thumb, we could possibly-for the second year in a row-get to play Chicago a third time this season for the Halas Trophy, this time at Lambeau. The most epic rivalry in the NFL could actually get more intense. This scenario almost makes me want to pull for the Bears over the next month. Almost.

My Dream Super Bowl matchup Option One, Green Bay vs. Pittsburgh

And speaking of rematches: For only the second time in history, this season’s Super Bowl could match the same teams who played each other in the NFL’s biggest game the prior year. The media would eat it up. Will Big Ben get his revenge? Will Mr. Rodgers continue to dominate this neighborhood? Will Polamalu have a bad hair day? Delicious stuff.

My Dream Super Bowl matchup Option Two, Green Bay vs. New England

A dream season is not much good without the Lombardi Trophy, just ask the 2007 Patriots. If the Pack goes undefeated and faces the Pats, the media would be able to leverage the angle of this year’s undefeated 18-0 team attempting to go 19-0 against the team which tried, unsuccessfully, to do the same thing in 2007. If you think Belichick is cranky now, think about what he’ll be like if he comes home from this one without the hardware.

Hey, it’s too soon to think about these things.

But it’s never too soon to dream.

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