Oprah Winfrey Show

Speaking from the depth of her heart and allowing many others to express themselves; here is a person who did it for the greater good. Oprah , I am sure, started out without a corporative, overwhelming focus on profit; yet she was able to garner millions. Is it possible that many companies can be established for the benefit of employees and customers rather than the just plain, old profit motive? ( A successful venture must show a substantive profit to stay alive.)

Can new and existing establishments peddle favorable results first and let profits naturally accrue, then give back accordingly? Can future foods be nutritious meals? Can I learn a lot from a computer? Should I father a boy and girl, because I desire to participate in their lives?

The old lady was in need of help so I parked my car at the side of the road and helped her out. Can the world ill afford to help the less fortunate? Everyone at some point in their lives was totally dependent on someone else for their very survival. The world would like all adults to take care of themselves. Research would show that this may not be possible in our lifetime. There will always be many poor people—— past results and future projections can easily verify this.

Oprah’s Show exemplifies, more often than not, the human condition; whether in poverty, riches or just getting by. The awesome surprise of meeting father, mother, brother, sister, or relative long lost or never knew was alive. Rape, incest, or abuse in all their forms. Few of us have never witnessed or looked at Oprah in the afternoon on channel 2 or on whatever channel she maybe playing on. Thousands have discussed their joys and sorrows expecting to be liberated, but on rare occasions were made fun of or scorned.

Oprah I will miss you. Here is a person who presented factual insights for the world to witness. Life for millions will never be the same after so many revealing stories on The Oprah Show. In this International Year of People of African Descent; what a brilliant example of freedom to choose your own career. The world would have lost quite a unique talent, if this exceptional person was not allowed to blossom. .

Here is what stands out from the Oprah Show, ” If you can live your dream and share it with the world, you can become a Billionaire,” long live Oprah and goodbye to a Great Show and TV Personality.

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