Palin Has the Power for a Presidential Run!

The Iowa debate and straw poll have come and gone in Iowa. Most of the top GOP leaders made the visit to Iowa’s State Fair where they shook hands, smiled and ate food on a stick. Michele Bachmann and Ron Paul took first and second in the straw poll; Pawlenty dropped out, and Governor Rick Perry announced. Do we need any more GOP candidates? Yes, the underlying story is that Sarah Palin has the power to jump in with both feet.

I want a President who is strong enough to tell me the truth, even if it hurts. I want smaller government and I am tired of paying higher taxes. People with the latest cell phones, cable TV, high- speed Internet and newer vehicles than we drive are on the government trough. They are not strapped with taxes, yet they enjoy more luxuries than we do.

I like President Palin’s energy programs. I want coal and oil from this country, not an enemy state. I need a strong leader that will communicate to the world that America is strong. I want one that will hold not only OUR government accountable, but other countries, as well. I need someone who will change the regulations on American companies so that they will stay here, not move to China, India or Timbuktu. I want subsidies and “pork” to be a foreign concept. These are things that I think Palin will do. I do not believe that Romney and Perry would make these changes if it cost them a second term as President.

Michele Bachmann is experiencing the media scrutiny that Palin faced. If she is blessed, she will come out the other side a seasoned, wiser and more confident candidate. Palin certainly has mastered the lessons she learned while running as McCain’s vice presidential candidate.

No one in the GOP can bring the crowds of followers that Palin can. The moment that she announces, Palin will have people across the country raising tons of money and organizing. A lot already have things in place to start a Palin run. That is voter and supporter commitment and confidence. No other GOP candidate has this power.

Why does Palin have such support? Maybe its because she is not an “elite” politician. She reminds people of the gal next door. She talks to people, not down to people. She listens to Americans, and she knows what they want from their government. Palin has power that scares both democrats and moderate republicans. She does not fit the mold for either party.

America needs a powerful, strong President. America needs Palin power!

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