Philosophy and It’s Mysteries

Why are we here? What is the meaning of life? How can we live a meaningful, happy life? The human being has been asking the great questions of philosophy ever since man first walked the earth. We human beings are certainly creative wonderful creatures who can think and speak with the ability to reason and create new inventions. With the human brain weighing a couple of pounds this organ is capable of creating and enhancing the condition in which man is on earth. Man can now live longer thanks to the mathematical equations and their applications thought up by the human intelligence.
The mysteries of man lie in the one piece of the existence of the soul: the human mind and human consciousness. How can consciousness be measured? How can we begin to think and produce thoughts when no one can see them or observe another’s thoughts. How can we even be sure that other people exist? What if I am the only one seeing all this world and I am the only one that exists? How can one prove one’s own existence? Is it even possible? How can one prove anything? When one comes up with a thesis and begins to reason out the premises and conclusions then he/she has said “I proved it”, but to their dismay they haven’t proven anything. I think there is no way anyone can prove or show without a doubt that something or someone exists. Someone can ascertain something to some extent but not prove something to be true and know its truth.
The mysteries or unsolved problems of philosophy are many. One is the infinite regress of reasons. Another is the nature of conscious intelligence. Philosophers have addressed these issues but not really proven anything to be true. Philosophers have offered their opinions and reasons on the mysteries of philosophy, but have not come close to solving their perennial questions. Although there is a great sense of wonder when one speaks and thinks about these subjects in philosophy. And, philosophy is worth pursuing.

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