Photo Fun with Picnik.Com has closed. Check out – pretty fun! is a really cool site. On the site you can upload your photos & add different effects & save the new photo onto your computer. Put the address into your address bar & sign up for an account. You don’t have to have a premium account to have fun on Picnik. Just the free account will be good for some fun. Signing up lets you keep 5 photos that you’ve worked on available for further use, right there.

Once you are in the site, upload a photo. Click on the “Create” button & find some of the neat effects you can add to the photo. It will always say “Apply” or “Add” before anything is done for good. You can add text to you photos or change the colors, saturating colors or exposing the picture. I just love this site!!!

I’ve put 3 photos I’ve done on the site for you to check out. The red one was a photo of my floral (pink) table cloth!!! The second photo started from a picture of the river. And the third picture I added floral stickers to. Click the photo for full size & use your BACK button to return to this article.

You can “like” on facebook & get neat updates, too.

Check it out & have fun!!!


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