Places Opened on Thanksgiving Day

As expected, Walmart remains opened on Thanksgving Day (though it closes it’s doors on Christmas Day). Target and K-Mart also remains opened for at least part of the day.

Some clothing stores such as Old Navy and Gap Inc. also remain opened. Banana Republic, J. C. Penny, and Kohls are opened for part of the day.

Staples and Best Buy open on Thanksgiving Day.

Pharmacies such as Walgreens, CVS and Rite-Aid open on Thanksgiving Day.

Denny’s always remain opened on Thanksgiving Day. Cracker Barrel and many other restaurants also remain opened. TGI Friday’s, Ablebees and Ruby Tuesday also opens. The buffet, Golden Corral, also opens.

The grocery store Meijer opens on Thanksgiving Day.

Some stores such as Victoria’s Secret, Toys “R” Us and Bath & Body Works open at 12 a.m.

These places are subject to change their minds and stop opening on Thanksgiving Day. Make sure to call and check before going to these places.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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