Planning a More Profitable Yard Sale

For some people, hitting a yard sale is more than just rummaging through other people’s belongings, it is an incredible adrenaline rush, seeking the thrill of the hunt with no limits on time or distance. In these economic times, yard sales have become more popular than ever. Some use them to make a little extra cash while others use them to save some cash. By keeping 5 key things in mind, your potential to have a profitable yard sale can double. It will not only clean out your living space, it will also put free money in your pocket.

First, location and advertisement. A yard sale doesn’t have to be in your own yard. Many farmers and land owners are “renting” out small spaces of their land, along busy roads and highways, to people who don’t have an ideal spot of their own. The more traffic that passes by, the more shoppers you will get. Create many of your own signs using bold letters on neon poster board, this will catch more attention. Place them at every road, stop sign and business within 5 miles of your sale area by 8am, the morning of your sale. be sure to include the address and sale hours.

Second, team up. Try to find a friend or two to bring some of their things to sell. If there appears to be more to choose from, more people might find it worth their time to stop in and check out your sale.

Third, decide what must go and what can stay? Typically, if you haven’t used or touched an item in a year or more, it should go. Separate the things you have no use for and the things that must go from the things that you plan to hold on to if they do not sell. Place them on opposite sides of your sale area leaving a defining line between the two.

Forth, don’t be greedy. Some items are worth more than others but don’t look at it from a “store bought” point of view. If you purchased a particular item for $50 at the store or have knowledge of what an item would sell for in new condition, this is irrelevant at your yard sale. People will not buy something from you that they can find cheaper at their local store or a consignment type store. Keep in mind, an item makes no money sitting in your garage or on a shelf. Even $1 is worth more than $0.

Fifth, is it worth packing back up or storing at the end of the day? Two or three hours before you plan to close up shop, on the last day of the sale, create an “Everything Must Go” sign and place it on the side of the yard that was designated during setup.

*Remember: Everything is negotiable and even $1 is better than $0.

With a little luck and these 5 tips, you will be well on your way to some extra cash and a little more living space.

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