Plants in a Pot

If downsizing is a term that you will be utilizing in the near future then rest assured that this step does not mean you need to stop gardening if moving from location to location means a smaller yard or even no yard, the answer could be in container gardening.

This ever growing endeavor saves on space, can provide convenience and allows you the satisfaction of successfully growing your own produce. For the novice to container gardening you don’t have to think that a lack of yard space prohibits you from growing a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.

Keep in mind that most produce enjoy plenty of sunshine so be sure to get a lay of the land so to speak when deciding on where to place the containers and although they are movable by design you will shock the plants if they are constantly being moved around. As with any planting situation good soil is necessary and be sure that there are holes in the container to help with water drainage; and also watering and even weeding (if necessary) are needed to maintain the plants.

Here are a few options to consider planting but by all means research and experiment so you can make gardening the most enjoyable and rewarding activity as possible. Strawberries and blueberries can thrive growing in containers, if you have a large enough container, dwarf apple trees are a possibility. Tomatoes and peppers are amongst the most widely grown container vegetables so they are an option but also you can try beans and peas which are grown up poles or even up a fence if nearby; green onions, radishes, a few varieties of carrots and even leaf lettuce and spinach (in rectangular containers). Most varieties of herbs will thrive in containers and a couple added bonuses with herbs are some are bi-annual (grow for two years) or perennial (grow multiple years) and if this is the case then bring the containers inside during inclement cold weather; also growing herbs in containers help to reduce the sometimes uncontrollable growth of herbs when planted in the ground.

Gardening can become a way of life so don’t be limited by a lack of space, container gardening can provide not only a bountiful harvest but also continued enjoyment.

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