Plastic Medicine Wheel

Oh, my dear Native American friend,
What would your grandmother say?
The white woman of the South
Has found a Native American Medicine Wheel
With brilliant red flowers
Within a bright turquoise plastic storage crate.

The crate may be from China?
Yet, look closely
Life is thriving
Within the spokes
Of the plastic medicine wheel.

The small red flowers
Invite you to look into the wheel.
Nature radiates
From within the spokes.

Fresh rain drops sparkle
On lush green foliage
Within the wheel.
The small flowers reveal
Their lives’ essence.
Mature blooms’ radiant red
Beauty is revealed.

Look closely now,
My Native American friend.
You will also see death
Among the flowers
In darkened petals.
A delicate flower
Gives up her physical life.

A new seed
Is being created
To continue
The cycles of birth, life, death, spirit life,
And rebirth,
With a new seed
Of hope.

After taking a photograph
Of beautiful red flowers
Living within the circle and spokes
Of a turquoise plastic storage crate;
The mystical Native American medicine wheel
Has been revealed.

Poem inspired by:
(1) Seven Arrows, by Hyemeyohsts Storm, Second Printing: November 1973. Ballantine Books. (received as a gift circa 1973-74).
(2) My friend–Cecil Hume.

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