Prayer: What it is and Why Bother

Prayer is a very hot topic. If you ask people just about everyone will tell you that they pray. We all seem to have various views about prayer? What is prayer though? How is it defined? Why do we do it? What does the Bible teach in regards to what prayer is and why we do it? Prayer is not talking to God as if He’s a big Santa Clause in the sky waiting to be asked for gifts. The phrase God may hear most often is “God help me.” We have misunderstood what prayer is and why we pray.

We need to first see what prayer is actually all about. Prayer is not like a super power potion. Prayer helps put your life with what God wants so He chooses to show His power through you. The purpose of prayer is to get you ready for what God has in mind for you. We find Jesus often times before great times of ministry or even afterwards getting away to spend time in prayer. It is getting to know what God wants and not worrying what man thinks according to Matthew 6:6. It is focusing on your relationship with God so you can grow. As you focus on that relationship it begins to grow and develop. You can ask for what you think is best for you but in the end He is going to do what is best.

We find in Luke 5:16 the example of Jesus as it is how he calmed himself and got his thoughts together. God will use prayer to soften you heart and change you focus. It is about building that relationship (Romans 8:26, 27).How do you build a bond without spending time? God so badly wants to spend time with us that He tells us if you do not know what to say I will send someone to pray for your hearts deepest needs. Nehemiah 1:1-9 shows us that our strongest defense is prayer. When in trouble, our best protection is to take it to God in prayer.

The Holy Bible; King James Version

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