Presidents Day Lesson Plans for Preschoolers

Presidents Day is a day to celebrate and remember the men who made America beautiful and so great. This holiday will be here in just a few short months. Teachers are always on the lookout for ways to teach students.

Preschoolers can learn so much from these lessons, and teachers always like to be prepared ahead of time. These lesson plans are simple to create and can be done in a weekend. Children will have fun with each of these lessons.

A matching game of photographs of past and current presidents teaches preschoolers about the history of the United States. Children learn through fun and games. Photographs can be attached to thick card stock. Matching games help to increase children’s memory skills.

Plays are a unique lesson plan to consider. Students can act out important scenes from our history. The plays do not have to have full scenes from our past. The most important key is to make sure the facts are correct. Children can play dress up in this play. Children love to play dress up and to pretend.

A collage is fun and creative for the preschoolers. Words and photographs can be cut out from magazines. Collages are collections of items grouped together. The classroom can complete one large collage. This lesson plan activity can not only teach preschoolers about Presidents day but how to work in a group setting. This can be a good socializing activity for the children as well.

Visiting a museum teaches others about the wonderful world of history. You are never too young to learn about those who helped make this country so grand. Children get to see and experience history up close and personal. Museums are a wonderful educational tool. There are your different types of museums available to visit. If there is not a museum for your specific needs, you can turn your classroom into a small museum.

You classroom museum can have many different things. Photographs and sample artifacts enhances the experience for the children to learn about our history of presidents. These men have played a special part in our history.

Lesson plans do not have to be difficult to complete. They can be fun and entertaining. Learning is all around us. Teachers who teach preschoolers have the opportunity to make learning fun and enjoyable. These will require assistance from the teacher.

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