Prevent Wrinkles with This Daily Skin Nourishing Routine

Prevent wrinkles before they start is much easier than trying to do away them after they appear. And once a wrinkle appears, it’s there forever (unless surgically altered). Starting a daily skin cleansing and nourishing routine now can prevent future wrinkles and make your skin look and feel it’s best.

Wash Twice A Day

Wash face in the morning and at night with a gentle cleanser that contains a calming ingredient, like green tea or chamomile. Washing away the dead skin cells and environmental debris prevents breakouts and keep skin younger looking. The calming ingredient will keep facial skin from becoming red and irritated after being rubbed and washed.

Feed The Skin Twice A Day

Skin needs nourishment just like our bodies, feeding it twice a day will keep skin healthy and strong. Feed skin with a revitalizing serum that protects skin from collagen breakdown. Collagen is the ‘elastic’ which holds skin in place and prevent sagging and wrinkling.

Eye Eye

You’re not seeing double, but everything done for wrinkle prevention should be done twice a day, including the eyes. Choose an eye cream that does more than just moisturize, eye cream should also offer protection to the delicate skin around the eyes from free radicals and the eye cream should also reduce the appearance of under eye circles. Apply a multi-tasking eye cream morning and night.

Plump Up Skin

Use a facial moisturizer which contains a plumper like hyaluronic acid (which is found naturally in the body) to keep skin plumped and hydrated. Apply moisturizer all over face and neck twice a day.

Repair While Your Sleep

Skin repair is so easy it can be (and should be) done while you sleep. Use a nighttime moisturizer that contains retinol to resurface, smooth and firm facial skin. Apply just before bedtime each night.

Weekly Wrinkle Prevention

Most wrinkle prevention steps need to be done twice daily, with this one exception: exfoliating. Exfoliating is the removal of dead skin cells, usually done with a rough material and/or ingredient, like a wash cloth and facial scrub. While the exfoliation is beneficial to skin, it’s too harsh to be done daily. A weekly exfoliation will remove dead skin cells, black heads, even out skin texture and prepare skin to absorb moisturizer. For best wrinkle fighting results, exfoliating skin at night and apply nighttime moisturizer immediately afterward.

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