Printable Dragon Pumpkin Stencils for Halloween

Dragons might not be traditional Halloween symbols, but who cares? They’re just too awesome of creatures to ignore. I mean, what is more scary than a giant, flying, fire-breathing beast anyways? I’ve played the newest Super Mario Bros. enough times now to know the dragon is the hardest beast to beat. Am I right or am I right? Anyways, enough about me. What you need to know is where to find a cool dragon stencil this Halloween.

The website Zombie Pumpkins has a cool dragon stencil called “Dragon Flight”. As the name suggests, the creature appears to be flying. This design might be good if you are looking for a stencil for a younger kid to work with as it’s classified as being a simple design to carve.

In order to print out the stencil, you have to first join the website. It costs two bucks to join. Although, they have several other membership options available if you want to download more than just one or two pumpkin patterns this Halloween.

You can find a free printable dragon pumpkin stencil on the website Animal Jr. Whereas Zombie’s design seems more medieval fantasy inspired, the design on the Animal Jr.’s website seems more Asian inspired. If you are not looking to spend any money on a pumpkin stencil, I think the free one from Animal Jr. would work just as well.

Zombie Pumpkins, “Dragon Flight”
Animal Jr., “Animal Pumpkin Stencils”

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