Product Review: Puretoes OM Footcover

Puretoes is not a sock; they are a footcover much like slippers that makes going barefoot a thing of the past but with the comfort of bare toes so your feet stay cool and comfortable.

Ease of Use/Performance: 20/25
Convenience/Storage 20/25
Appearance/Design 20/25
How much I my wife enjoys 20/25

Total: 80/100

Puretoes is a footcover that differs from socks and other slippers by the convenient open toe design but not open toes like you think. Puretoes has a two hole front with the big toe in one and the rest of your toes in the other for a comfortable fit in a footcover.

Fashion trends come and go pretty quickly but my family has never been too concerned about fashion and following those trends. My wife is definitely not one to succumb to fashion hysteria and trends to her mean little other than something most other women follow.

She does have her own fashion sense and usually follows what is comfortable first, looks being more of a secondary consideration within reason. She would not wear things that would make her look ridiculous but again comfort is a bit more important for her than looks.

Footwear for her also leans more toward comfort, no open toe high heels for her, tennis shoes with those added insoles for more comfort during her day. She does spend a lot of time on her feet chasing down toddlers at the daycare she works at and her feet tend toward tired rather than terrific looking.

When she is at home comfort abounds, changing from the day care logoed shirts and nice jeans to her usual lounge wear of t-shirts and sweat pants. Summer wear of course is shorts and winter is the longer legged sweats with a sweatshirt as well but footwear also amounts to comfort.

My wife likes to wear slipper socks or some sort of footwear, especially in the winter but with our wide assortment of flooring and bare floors in our home footwear is important. Our wood floors have a few spots that have some very bare wood where the sealant is nonexistent so splinters are a concern.

Quick trips into our garden to yank a few weeds or pick some produce during the summer and moving directly from a workout tending her garden to relaxing in the living room is a common occurrence. She does not like to go barefoot as our garden has paths of gravel and patches of mulch so quick trips to the outdoors around our home require shoes or at least slippers of some kind.

This is where Puretoes comes in for my wife, she loves them for summertime footwear around the house and they allow her to go outside for quick trips in her garden. My wife has been wearing the Puretoes OM for several months and enjoying the benefits of bare toes but covered feet for cool comfort.

The Puretoes is a sock like footwear that allows comfort of the material covering over your feet but with toe holes to allow comfort of your toes without a covering. The Puretoes comes in four styles with a simple black in the OM version my wife is wearing that has a soft interior.

There is also a pink style called Paisley Pink, a Leopard print and another black design with Mind Over Muscle printed on the sides. The OM style has OM printed on the top and all four styles have a heel and pad rubberized spot for nonslip protection while wearing them.

The main difference between Puretoes and other footwear is the toe holes that have one hole for the big toes and another slot like hole for the other four toes. The rest of the Puretoes is a shoe like slipper that is comfort contoured to your foot.

The Puretoes are “comfortable but takes a bit of getting used to” as my wife says, the toe material between the big toe and the rest of the toes is different. They are nice to wear during the summer above and beyond socks or slippers as the open toe design means less sweaty feet, especially for your toes.

You still get the protection and comfort of wearing something so going barefoot is not the problem around the house of stepping on things or out in the yard as well. During hot weather the Puretoes keep your feet cool and comfortable as the material absorbs sweat but the open toe design allows you to keep cooler.

Puretoes is marketed as exercise footwear but my wife does not exercise, this is purely on comfort and around the house use and they are pretty good. The footwear does keep your feet from sliding around so the small patches of rubber on the soles work very well and the open toe design keeps the feet cool.

During exercise the footwear would also keep your feet cool as well as the grips on them working for better footing while exercising. Other sites that have also reviewed Puretoes on their exercise capability have said they work equally as well during heavy workouts like Pilates or martial arts.

The only negative comment I found was the footwear actually being too good at gripping when doing some Yoga poses and twirling or turning on the balls or heels of your foot. The grip pads would grip the floor too well and would hold fast while your foot turns so the footwear bunches up in an odd way.

This would only be a problem for moves in Yoga in my opinion but the footwear is also very easy to slip off quickly being much like a sock. When needed during a workout you can whip off your pair of Puretoes to quickly move along in your workout and not have your footwear get in the way.

Puretoes use a stretch material with the rubberized grips and are fully machine washable, I have washed them several times without any problems going through the wash. I did not dry them in a dryer, I was concerned about the rubber parts, instead simply washed them in a load of darks and set them out to dry in a convenient spot.

Puretoes are comfortable and cool to keep your feet cool and comfortable when working out or while lounging around the home. I can give my wife’s recommendation for Puretoes as a cool and comfortable footwear for around the house at the nice price of $20 for a pair available from the Puretoes website.

Puretoes Website

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