Promote Your Small Business by Word of Mouth

Your sitting at home in front of your computer with that fancy website you spent good money on, and yet nobody is calling or emailing you about your business. Have you told anyone what you are doing? That may be the problem. The act of telling others that you have a business is the most important part of launching your new career. How do you expect to stay in business if you do not tell anyone about what you are doing?

There are many people who think they would be better off if they had their own small business in hopes to work out of their home. It would stand to reason that the best way to promote it would be to tell others what you are planning on doing. “Word of mouth” is the number one way of spreading the news that you are in business for yourself. Whether you are providing a service or selling products, it is a must if you want to get your business up and running.

Who do you tell? Most people would say, “Tell your family and friends.” So, what if you are an orphan and have no friends (hopefully not)? Think about who your market is. Do you write resumes? Call the state employment office and other local employment assistant offices. Let them know what you have to offer. Make a list of places that may be grateful you called.

Use that shopping time to spread the word of your new business and be excited about it. Try not to be overly excited. That alone could ruin it. Think about where you could go to tell others of your small business. Word of mouth goes over well in churches and other organizations. Get out of the house.

If you have still not left your current employer, ask if you can tell fellow co-workers of what you are doing. More than likely, if it doesn’t conflict with work (and not the same type, either) you may be given permission to do so during your personal breaks. Seize the day! Thank your boss for allowing you to promote your business.

Another great way to promote by word of mouth is if you commute to work or anything else via train, subway, or a bus. This doesn’t mean to stand up and make a huge announcement once you are in the vehicle. Introduce yourself to those around you and ask them first what they do for a living. Usually, they will turn the tables and ask the same of you. That is a great icebreaker and a promotion for you.

Finally, keep a cool head. You may want to work on your social skills before you venture out too much. Think about what would be best to tell others about your business. Work on a dialogue that is succinct and to the point. Rambling will lose a possible customer very easily. Take the time and think things through.

Promoting your small business by word of mouth is not easy when you approach people who are not in your market. Think about who would benefit from your services or products. Have a definitive goal in mind, and stick to it. Your small business is your bread and butter, so be careful in how you promote it.

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