Providing Dynamite Customer Service

No restaurant wants to be known for food service that is so bad that customer’s refuse to eat there even if food was being given away for free. When people choose to go out to eat, they expect a certain level of customer service. They might be trying to get away from the stresses of their kitchen, home, or work life, and just want a great meal at a good restaurant where they can unwind. It is therefore the job of the wait staff to ensure that every customer has a pleasant dining experience, because the better your customer service is, the more likely customers will continue to come back. Wait staff that provide good customer service will not only make the customer happy at the end of the meal, but will most likely receive a great tip as well. Here are some food service tips that will keep customers satisfied and likely to return to your restaurant.

Don’t stereotype customers

Don’t make assumptions based on race, sex, sexual orientation, or attire as to what type of tipper your customer might be or provide less than stellar service because you assume that you are not getting a good tip. Treat every customer the same, with class and respect. Act like each customer has a million dollars to spend.

Check on customers from time to time

Don’t take your customer’s order and then disappear until it’s time to bring out the check. Make sure that your customer’s drinks are always filled, bread baskets are not empty, and that they have enough condiments and other items that they might need. Already be at your customer’s table with refills in hand before they ask.

Provide service with a smile

Don’t bring a bad attitude to the table. Always present a happy disposition even if you are not happy. If you are having trouble with your personal life or with some previous or current customers, put those feelings aside, and serve every customer with a smile. Who knows, your bad day just might turn around from smiling so much.

Offer apologies when necessary

If you are too busy to get your customer’s drink refilled or food brought out in an adequate time, let them know that you are sorry. Explain what the delay was so that your customers are not left thinking that you forgot about them or that you don’t care about their business.

Bring the check out promptly and at an appropriate time

Check to see when your customers are approaching the end of their meal so that you can have their check at the table without them having to wait and request it. Also make sure not to interrupt the beginning or middle of your customer’s meal with the check. This can leave customers feeling like you are trying to rush them out of your restaurant.

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