Qaddafi is Dead ! He was Bad…Are We Worse when We Celebrate His Murder?

It’s the World Series…the pitcher makes the Sign of the Cross, “Please God let me throw a strike.” The batter prays, “Please let me hit a home run.” Does God have more friends in St Louis or Texas? Did Qaddafi really believe he was doing “Gods Will” could he have been right and everyone else wrong? I do not think so!

There is no question that the world is better off without him. He caused a countless amount of pain for many people just trying to survive. However, the big question is, what if God was giving a speech today. What would he say? “An Eye For an Eye” –“Love Everyone”–“You are Forgiven” –“Thou Shalt Not Kill” ?

For many years people have killed in the name of God. However,…was it by the name of God or Religion? No matter what God we may believe in, they all have the same principles which begin with “PEACE.” So where did we go wrong?

Could it be true, that thousands of years ago no human ever killed another human? According to world-renowned author Gregg Bradon in his recent book “Deep Truth,” that 1000s of years ago archaeological evidence proves that cities had no walls. Did they not need protection? Out of the many artifacts found there were tools, but no weapons. Could it be they had no experience with violence and the thought of murder never crossed their minds?

If this is true, where and when did we go wrong? When did Colonel Qaddafi become a killer…before birth? As a sheep herder when he was a child? Did religion create this monster? Alternatively, is society to blame? Could he be a “natural-born killer”?

Yes, my head tells me to stand up and cheer his death. However, something inside tells me,”that’s wrong” It must be my heart saying… to protect myself is OK… but to kill another is not! My heart says compassion is the answer. Then the ultimate question… how do you love someone who just raped and killed your daughter? If you can answer this question, I will vote for you in 2012!

Let’s try to be optimistic about this. The Mayan calendar ends December 21st 2012. Most people believe it is the beginning of world peace. You have my vote for that!

So, I still have an unanswered question to myself! If God was sitting next to me, and I was to ask him, “Would you pull the trigger that killed Qaddafi?” ….What would he say?

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