Queen of Flowers

Sacred flower of love and transformation,
You have been around since the beginning of creation;
Rose, you are the symbol of love,
Blessed by the gods and goddesses above;
Sacred flower, you are a symbol of hope,
After the loss of a loved one, you help one cope.

A common symbol of eternal life,
You help one rid oneself of strife;
You are the symbol of divine resurrection,
You are pure perfection.

Divine flower of the Goddess Aphrodite,
She who is both beautiful and mighty;
Grown from the blood of Adonis,
And, most likely respected by the enchanting Pocahontas;

Sacred and divine, you are the Queen of Flowers,
You bathe and drink of summertime showers;
You symbolize both death and rebirth,
You were created by the Blessed Mother Earth.

“How to Speak Through Flowers,” Squidoo

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