Quentin Tarantino Gearing Up for Ambitious ‘Django Unchained’

Quentin Tarantino has been keeping a low profile lately since his exceptionally casted, directed, and just downright brilliant “Inglorious Basterds.” But he has not been idle. Tarantino is working on his next movie, taking on one of the most challenging genres for directors and audiences: the western.

The western was just about dead until the Coen brothers not only took on the genre but demonstrated that with the right formula it could be wildly successful, as their “True Grit” confirmed. Now Tarantino, the retro action director of the 21st century, is taking on the western genre with his all so often violent perspective of life in his tale of how the West was lived in “Django Unchained.”

Written and directed by Tarantino, “Django Unchained” is the story of a former slave turned bounty hunter who goes on a rescue mission to free his wife, who has been abducted by a slave owner. Tarantino has assembled his biggest “A” list actors to date for this movie. Leonardo DiCaprio will portray the malevolent slave owner, Calvin Candie. Jamie Foxx will play Django, the man hunting Candie and committed to freeing his wife.

Augmenting these two powerhouse actors will be the man all men have to respect, Samuel L. Jackson. Christoph Waltz, who exploded on the movie scene with his portrayal of the shrewd, dangerous German soldier in ” Inglorious Basterds ” returns to work with Tarantino in his western. Kevin Costner, who was expected to participate, has now backed out, citing a scheduling conflict, according to Total Film. Mark my words, Costner will cite this decision as his biggest movie mistake ever.

Who will replace Costner is the Hollywood question of the day. And you can bet your last dollar every actor who has a backbone is working over his agent at this moment and begging Tarantino for a shot at one of the biggest movies of next year.

Scheduled for release on December 25, 2012, if “Django Unchained” is anything like Tarantino’s other films of violence, mayhem, and kicking soundtracks, it will be the most violent, gun slinging Christmas Day movie of all time.

But that is Tarantino for you: pushing the movie envelope and doing what everyone else wishes they could do. This will be one kicking Christmas Day movie.

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