Quick and Dirty Movie Reviews: Scoop

Quick and Dirty Info: Released in 2006, Directed by Woody Allen, Starring Woody Allen (surprise), Scarlett Johansson and Hugh Jackman.

Top 3 Reasons Not to See Scoop

Scarlett Johansson. Where to begin? Woody Allen writes scripts for quirky beauties with lots of personality and star power. Scarlett Johansson meets none of these requirements. And normally, she doesn’t have to. But sadly, in this movie she remains covered up and bespectacled leaving her acting chops to make up the deficit. They fail miserably. Woody Allen. Oh, Woody. Clearly movie made this movie with a lot of help from his lower brain. In addition to casting Scarlett Johansson, he writes himself as the de facto male lead (think 80’s best friend character who . He is in most of the scenes, exchanging witty banter with Scarlett leaving you with the uncomfortable feeling that they might, at some point, kiss. They don’t, thankfully. But that doesn’t make it any less uncomfortable to watch. The writing. The plot is straight out of the 1940s without the benefit of period costume. Scarlett plays a naïve, wide-eyed kid in the rough and tumble world of reporting. And she’s aided in her capers by a ghost reporter determined to get that one last story. She eventually falls in love with a rich baron, or something. It’s hard to keep caring by the end of the movie. The characters are poorly written and you find yourself hoping that they all die by the end of the movie. There are some great Woody one liners in there, but they aren’t enough to carry the movie.

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