Quick Floral Arranging Tips for a Decorator’s Touch

Quick Arrangement Tips

To ensure your arrangements fit the space required, measure the area first and select floral varieties by graduated stem or stalk heights, and complimentary colors. Choose taller leaves and flowers for the middle of an arrangement, or against the back of a wall display.

In a gradual procession work down the arrangement (or by moving around a free-standing display) using shorter leaves, ferns, and flowers. Trim stalks to fit the presentation until it becomes the desired fullness, and/or you have used up all of the fresh or silk flowers.

Tropical Flower Arrangements

Ever wonder why tropical floral arrangements last so long? Some tropical varieties such as the Anthurium, Heliconia, Ginger, Silver Sword, and Bird of Paradise flowers can retain their fresh, vibrant-colors for up to a month, or longer.

These tropical flowers tend to look artificial when fresh, are heartier plants (albeit scentless) lasting up to twice as long as other flowers in your arrangements, but are more expensive. On the up side, these fresh beauties gracefully endure shipment, when ordered individually or by the bouquet, directly from tropical island nurseries where they are cultivated.

Fresh or Silk Flower Arrangements

Because many tropical flowers appear to be artificial, and are without scent anyway, they can easily be substituted for silk or plastic flowers, to create permanent floral arrangements. Advantages to using silk or artificial flowers, in your arrangements are they are lightweight, and provide more versatility of use in taller decorator vases.

Fresh tropical flowers are heavier than most and will require low, weighted bowls, versus tall graceful vases. Using artificial flowers can alleviate some of this problem, by allowing designer vases to be used. Bottom-weighting can be done using several layers of marbles, Styrofoam, or florist’s water-absorbent sponge (especially effective with fresh flowers).

Interesting Additions to the Display

If your presentation is sparse (which can be a very elegant look) or is lacking in any way, try adding interest with unique flourishes. Sprigs of fresh or dried miniature flowers such as Baby’s Breath, rugged Cat Tails, or sun-bleached driftwood branches can fill in bare spots, and even become a focal point.

Balance the display by using 2 or more of any given flower, or fill-in items of interest. Your arrangement should flow from top to bottom and side to side through an interesting use of colors, textures, and fullness (or intentional twig sparseness).

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