Quickest Way to Create a Halloween Bouquet

What’s the quickest way to get a ghoulish bouquet to complete your Halloween attire and décor?

The simplest answer would be to spray paint artificial flowers. Worn out faded-flowers will add to the disheveled, eerie, broken down display of fear and death. The cracks, crumples and folds will highlight the weathered-trodden heads, buds, stems and leaves.

Flea markets, garage sales or second-hand stores may have used artificial flowers, which may be cheaper than buying new flowers.

Spread out newspapers, cardboard boxes, foil wrap, an old tarp or something to catch the paint. Spray the bouquet with spray paint. If you use temporary hair color it can rub off on things. Regular spray paint may still come off but not as easy.

If you want the flowers to look dead, spray them black. Spray the stem and the leaves to. Bend the flowers, stem and leaves, prior to spray painting, so they will look like they’ve fallen over from death. After the spray paint has dried, you may still have to touch up the paint.

If you want to make it look like there is blood on the flowers you can spray on some red paint; or drizzle drops of red food-colored syrup; or Ketchup where desired. To make the red food-colored syrup…mix into clear syrup red food-coloring. The syrup will make the blood sticky so that it will stick. The red syrup or Ketchup can smear when touched, and get on other things that they make contact with. You can also use a small paint brush to apply red paint instead of spray painting it on.

You can do the same thing with single, artificial flowers for corsages on costumes, hats or bewitching décor. For instance, a green ghoul may love a solitary, matching, green flower.

Another thing you can do is to mix-up bouquet or single flowers. One bouquet might be sprayed black; another sprayed orange; and another sprayed red. Single flowers may be sprayed in different colors of black/orange and red.

Spray painting flowers gives you the flexibility to create the perfect accessory or look for your costume or décor. You can always buy artificial flowers but they won’t always be the color/shade that you want. You may want a black flower but that doesn’t mean that you will find it, when you want it.

As an example of flower décor: A plain, uncarved-pumpkin can be dressed up by flowers that sit around its base. Just think, you have the power to set the mood of the pumpkin by the color of the flowers that surround it.

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