Quilt Candles

It’s no surprise to anyone that computers have changed our world but they’ve really had a significant effect on the crafting world. If you have the means to scan with your computer setup – and even if you don’t – you’ll have a lot of fun creating quilt candles. Use this simple technique to scan a quilt and you can make patchwork wraps for pillar candles. They’re so charming whether you set them around your own house or give them out as gifts. Over the years, you’re apt to make many quilt candles because they’re suitable for various occasions.

When you scan a quilt that you already have – in sections – you can make a paper quilt that looks just like the original. The paper quilt, when wrapped around a cylinder candle that has a glass container, instantly gives that candle a homey and comforting appearance.

Scan the sections and re-assemble the quilt, digitally. Print it out on ordinary printer paper. You can make the quilt look more realistic if you sew it with a machine. Simply stitch vertically, then horizontally, to stitch around each square of the quilt.

Cut the paper quilt to the size you want for the candle. You can make a wide band that goes around the glass container, or cut a quilt that nearly covers the entire candle holder, or come up with your own design. Just tape the paper quilt in place. If you want, wrap ribbon or twine around the candle and tie it in a bow for an adorable accent to the quilt.

If you have no way to scan – or you just don’t own a patchwork quilt – you can still make a similar candle wrap. Cut tiny squares of leftover scrapbook paper or gift wrap into one-inch squares. Or, make tiny squares on your printer program and assemble them like a patchwork quilt.

Use a thin coat of white glue to attach the small quilt squares to a piece of printer paper. The paper should be cut to the size that you want for the candle wrap. As with the scanned quilt, sew the paper so that you go around the perimeter of each square.

There’s just something about a patchwork quilt that is welcoming and reassuring. Just seeing a quilt brings images of a simpler time of peace and serenity. And, when you use patchwork quilt wraps to make candles, you create those feelings for your own home, or you give them to someone else as a gift. And, what better gift could a friend ever give?
Quilt Candles

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